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Noah Stolz

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Marco Poloni

Yves Mettler 

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Caterina Riva

Stella Maris is a self-organized and itinerant platform for research and production whose offices are located in Geneva and Lugano. Projects and events initiated by Stella Maris exist within and are not limited to the realms of contemporary art, music, film and theatre. The theoretical and practical framework of Stella Maris is influenced by social theory, activism and the stories of the people. Stella Maris aims at breaking the dialectical dichotomies we employ so often when depicting an intellectual horizon, it proposes instead a cultural landscape that transcends a geographical area of interest but that is able instead to connect a much wider immaterial territory that can stretch from the destiny of a Monastery in Haifa or follow the trajectory of a badge that was used in New York in 1968. 

At the heart of Stella Maris there is the creation of an expanding archive in the shape of a website. Our activities are conceived as longterm projects which bring together artists, critics and the people of selected landscapes in the attempt of reactivating forgotten histories; to secure various forms of transmission of memory, Stella Maris is gathering oral sources into audiovisual products and organising cultural events, workshops and exhibitions to disseminate the material.

Through the width of its projects, Stella Maris wants to reach a large and varied public and is open to collaborations with other associations and individuals towards organising multiple activities and making available the research, but also to hear of stories that could enter the Stella Maris’ archive.  


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